Sunday, April 1, 2012

Languages Pro Provide Certified Translation in More Than 200 Languages

The word Translation means communicating the meanings of source language document into desired or target language.  As more people are traveling internationally and more companies expanding their business operations internationally, the use of translation is becoming more significant. Need of translating legal documents and certifying those document is increasing on regular basis. Most of the individual traveling internationally needs their legal documents such as passports, birth certificate and marriage licenses etc. to be translated and certified in the language of the country they are traveling to in order to receive visa.  In addition to this different companies that are recruiting and sending employees internationally need to translate – in addition to the above documents – prospect employees police records, medical certificates and medical clearance to comply with different countries work visa requirement.
Above mentioned reason are few of the reasons for which an individual will require certified translation services.  Few other occasions for which an individual may require certified translations includes but is not limited to:

a)      Document Translation for immigration purposes
b)      Certificate Translations for Educational purposes
c)       Legal Translation of documents for business agreements
d)      Translation of Financial Records for students to apply for visa to study internationally
e)      Translation of Business/Service Contracts

The definition of certified translation ( varies from one country to another.  In some international country term sworn translation is used rather than certified translation.  In United States a certified translation is the translation that is accompanied by a signed statement by translator or translation agency that the translation performed is accurate and captures the true meaning of the translation.  The signed document is also known as certification of translation or certificate of accuracy.  This however does not mean that the translator or agency is certified to perform translation in particular language.  In the US   there is no federal or local regulating body that certifies the translators – Some of the states to certify legal interpreters for certain languages. 

Thus it may be concluded that anytime an individual is submitting a legal document to a regulatory body or School or University for legal documents like Birth Certificate, Passport or College Transcript or any other legal document it need to be certified.  Any time you are submitting a certified translation it is best to find out what sort of certification will be required.  Some agency or Universities may require that translation certification may need to be notarized.

Certified Translation from Languages Pro:
At Languages Pro, we provide certified translation in more than 200 Languages, so whether you are looking to get certified translation of your birth certificate or marriage certificate for immigration purposes or if you are looking to translate a College Transcript for admission in universities we can meet your certified translation needs.

About Languages Pro:
Languages Pro is a translation agency headquartered out of Seattle, WA.  We provide translation services and interpreter resources in over 200 languages to individuals and corporations all over United States and some corporations internationally.  The mission of Languages Pro is to become the most trusted translation agency to provide quality focused translation services and interpreting resources in the shortest time possible to all of our clients.


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