Sunday, January 30, 2011

Using Translation Services to Increase your Reach

In the era of globalization where world is becoming one big unit and countries amalgamating into each other the need of Translation and Interpretation is going up on regular basis.  Public and private sectors both are getting in the situation where they are serving diverse population and require the use of interpreter to better communicate with their clients and to better understand their culture. 

Translation Services are required by Public Sector, Private Sector and Not for Profit organization on regular basis to support and provide services to diverse population.  According to one of the reports total number of Legal Permanent Residence living in United States in 2009 was 12,450,000 and the number of people received Legal Permanent Residence status between 1980 – 2008 is 24,020,000 hence requiring municipalities to offer support for the services in multiple languages, hence the requirement of Translation Services to translate applications and different documents, and interpretation services to support individuals on phone and in person.

Organizations require translation services not only to support the services, but these organizations also acquired these services to expand the business and to translate different marketing material to reach out to diverse population.  The scope of such translation services include translation of Contracts, Website localization, Marketing Materials such as brochures, flyers, magazine and other print advertisements, Web sites, e-cards, and newsletters.  In addition to this manufacturing companies exporting their products to different countries require translating the product description and technical manuals of the products
The use of translation services is not confined to overcome the language barrier but also to translate and certify legal documents and agreements. In this era of outsourcing where companies and consulting agencies are now providing services all around the globe companies require to translate the contracts in the native languages of the country they are offering their services to.  In addition to this Global Organization help companies all over the globe to build different plans that had to be translated in different languages to support local workforce, for instance US and European oil companies are providing consulting services to oil companies in Middle East region and working with the plant managers to put together safety and environmental plans which are later needed to be translated in Arabic to make local workforce aware of the safety and environmental plans.

The need of translation services is also required by individuals who are traveling to different countries for education or are migrating to different countries from the country of their origin.  According to one of the report in 2010 there were 105,000 international students enrolled in US, which requires the translation of international transcripts, so they can be evaluated by local Educational Institution.  According to one another report USCIS – United States Citizen Ship and Immigration Services – receives over 300,000 applications which often require translation of the legal documents to be translated from more than 200 languages to English.

Organizations now a days are looking to provide better services and increasing their reach by providing service in different languages, and to expand their services and products to diverse population and globally and the need of translation services is rising on regular basis.

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